Types of CCTV Recording Systems

When shopping for a CCTV security system, you will need to choose a good quality digital video recorder (DVR) to go with the CCTV cameras that will be installed. There are two basic types of  DVRs available: PC-based DVRs and standalone DVRs.


PC-based DVR System

A PC-based DVR is a regular computer with a DVR capture card installed. The DVR card together with the software bundled transforms a basic computer into a fully functioning DVR system. The capture card receives video from the cameras while the software provides all the basic functions of a regular DVR like compressing, recording and playing back video. Additionally, the software may provide advanced features like video analytics, configurable user access control and integration with other systems like alarms and point of sale.


Standalone DVR System

A standalone DVR is a simple computer that is especially designed for recording and viewing video. It looks similar to a VCR but uses components of a regular computer. The system runs an operating system programmed inside a flash memory, uses a hard disk for storing video and is controlled using either a mouse or remote control. Since everything is integrated, standalone DVRs are easy to install and operate.


Standalone versus PC-based DVR

In general, PC-based DVRs are more advanced and powerful than standalone DVRs. This is expected since PC-based DVRs have a full-fledged computer which powers their operation. Top of the line PC-based DVRs like the Geovision Surveillance System include advanced features like smart video analytics (face detection, people countring, missing object detection, scene change detection, single object tracking etc). PC-based DVRs also have more upgrade and expansion options than standalone systems. New advancements in both hardware and software video processing can be easily integrated by upgrading one or more components of the computer and by installing new software. Because of these benefits, large institutions like banks malls and airports prefer PC-based DVR systems over standalone DVR systems.